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Employees with disabilities


  • Women 13.05% 13.05%
  • Men 86.95% 86.95%
16 to 30 year olds
31 to 50 year olds
over 50 year olds
Status: 30.04.2020
Training and development of young people

Learning more than a profession

In spring 2020, BPW has been awarded as one of the best national training companies for the third time in a row: Currently 92 young people are completing their training at BPW – including future technical product designers, mechatronics engineers and cutting machine operators. Experienced trainers offer them the best professional content and the trainees can use an optimum infrastructure with workshops equipped to a high standard and even their own robotics training centre. BPW also emphasises the importance of particularly comprehensive education and supports the personal development of the next generation with formats on politics or finance, the opportunity to spend time abroad, with etiquette courses, sports activities and independent projects.

Understanding and experiencing politics

Political discussion rounds or a conference in the town hall – BPW makes this possible for trainees with its own programme called “Political Education”. It is designed to convey a basic understanding of democracy and not only explains politics, but makes it directly tangible. VerkehrsRundschau has honoured this commitment with an award in the category of training and further education

The program was launched in 2016; 13 modules have been completed so far and 139 trainees have taken part. Current topics such as ” illegal car racing” or “retirement” were discussed at the events. The young adults dealt with party programmes and, under the title “Politics directly”, developed, among other things, a concept for the day care centre of the future in Wiehl, which they presented to the city’s youth welfare committee.

“I am convinced that peace and economic prosperity are based on the pillars of democracy. It is therefore more important than ever to offer young people the opportunity to engage with democratic values and behaviours in a very practical way. For us, it is an integral part of our efforts to provide a wide range of apprenticeships and further training for young people, whom we support by offering many extracurricular activities as they embark on their careers.”
Michael Pfeiffer

personally liable managing partner of BPW

“It is great to see how these young people develop through targeted support from BPW and individual encouragement. They learn what potential they have and how they can find their place in life.”
Ulrike Pfeil

BPW social welfare officer

New opportunities

BPW helps young people who, for example, have hardly any chance on the regular training market due to a lower secondary school leaving certificate, with its “Start Programme”. In cooperation with regional schools, BPW makes new opportunities possible: over a period of ten months, the participants learn basic knowledge in the company, but above all are taught that they can trust their own strengths.

So far, 40 young people have taken part, 29 of them have been employed in a longterm training relationship. In August 2019, four young people have started a new career. BPW is also networking with other companies in the region in order to enable as many graduates as possible to start their individual profession.

Improving learning strategies

For some years now, pupils at the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Gymnasium in Wiehl have been able to focus their learning profile towards social economics and engineering – with extracurricular events such as the “Social Economy” project course, which is closely supported by BPW through workshops, internships and assistance with project work. Despite the restrictions caused by the corona pandemic, the company maintained contact with the participants and used digital media for this purpose. Among other things, the course teaches knowledge on corporate organization, personnel and labor law or basic knowledge in business administration and economics. It is designed to support the young people in discovering their professional talents and actively promoting their own personal development.

IT is fascinating!

How exciting IT is and which contents and chances the training as an IT specialist offers is shown by a workshop for pupils, which BPW organised for the second time in January 2020 in cooperation with the company Unitechnik Systems. 17 high school graduates from the region were guests in both companies: At BPW they were able to experience how a manufacturing company maps digital processes, at Unitechnik the focus was on programming large warehouse logistics systems. The participants were allowed to get a taste of practical experience and solve programming tasks themselves.

“With this workshop, we specifically address young people who are really enthusiastic about the topic, because we obviously would like them to apply for our training positions in the company when they finish school. We want to show them the exciting challenges that IT professions offer and that they can live out and expand their individual strengths there in everyday working life, because the topic of digitization is becoming increasingly important for us and for our customers.”
Gabriele Ley

trainer at BPW

Training at the university

How are airplanes built and how do you achieve optimal aerodynamics? Questions like these were discussed by 40 students from grades 8 to 11 at a workshop in cooperation with the TH Köln Campus Gummersbach: They were invited to the university to expand their knowledge in a scientific environment. This “Christmas Camp” is just one of 133 projects that the BPW Youth Fund has supported since its foundation; in 2019 nine projects were sponsored. The fund supports children and young people who are exceptionally gifted or have special talents at school, but also those who are in need. As an association, it is financed by donations and membership fees.

Employee health

Company Health Management

BPW’s company health management is based on four pillars – BPW AktivFamilie, BPW AktivSozial, BPW AktivTreff and BPW AktivJob – and thus combines the most important life issues of the employees into a holistic concept. The health and well-being of the staff in all areas of the company is systematically promoted in the long term. Because as an employer, BPW takes responsibility far beyond the legally prescribed and thus obligatory measures for occupational safety and environmental protection.

Great importance is attached to strengthening personal responsibility and initiative. Health issues at BPW are managed by a health workgroup consisting of representatives from the human resources department, the company medical department, the company health insurance fund BKK BPW, the social welfare officer and the works council. It plans and manages health services and seeks solutions for current health issues, such as the reintegration of employees who are ill or the reduction of accidents.

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Skin Cancer Prevention

Skin cancer is one of the diseases that can be particularly well treated with conscientious precaution: The earlier malicious changes or their precursors are detected, the better are the chances of recovery. As part of the 2019 preventive healthcare programme, BPW employees were able to complete the screening particularly conveniently at the company doctor Gunnar Heymer. He carried out 195 examinations in autumn 2019. This offer is supported by the company’s own health insurance fund BKK BPW.

Skin Cancer Prevention

Skin cancer is one of the diseases that can be particularly well treated with conscientious precaution: The earlier malicious changes or their precursors are detected, the better are the chances of recovery. As part of the 2019 preventive healthcare programme, BPW employees were able to complete the screening particularly conveniently at the company doctor Gunnar Heymer. He carried out 195 examinations in autumn 2019. This offer is supported by the company’s own health insurance fund BKK BPW.

Goal: Zero accidents!

In order to prevent accidents at the workplace, BPW appoints safety officers who have the necessary knowledge about risks and continually raise employees’ awareness to avoid danger, for example in the form of digital training. In this way, the number of reportable accidents has been further reduced in recent years. However, the company’s declared goal is to reduce the number of incidents to zero. The initiative of the same name, “0 Accidents at Work”, is committed to this topic with a training course in which team leaders learn how they can promote preventive behavior and the appropriate attitude of employees at work on the basis of a discussion guide.
The safety measures also include the training and regular further training of first-aiders. 294 employees at BPW are first-aiders. In 2019, 16 training courses with 139 participants were held for this purpose.





Responsible and legal compliance

In order to ensure reliable compliance with all legal requirements in the areas of environmental protection, occupational safety or competition law, BPW has introduced the software module “GEORG” (“court-proof organisation”) in 2018 and integrated it into the management system. The software shows managers which tasks and duties they have – and when these become due, they are reminded in good time. The tool thus helps to always act responsibly and in compliance with the law, documents and proves this. Its use is secured by regular checks. A constant processing quota of 95 percent for the entire range of tasks has been agreed as a target – 100 percent cannot realistically be implemented in practice due to continued legal and organizational changes.

Social Involvement

“BPW enables maximum transport efficiency with innovative technologies and mobility services. In this way, we are able to secure economic success for transport companies and tap into new potential for greater climate protection and road safety. Yet despite all our enthusiasm for technology, the industry must not lose sight of humanity. We are therefore calling on all companies to do more for the well-being of drivers. Together, we can offer greater safety and also show more respect for the driving profession. This responsibility cannot simply be passed on to politicians.”
Michael Pfeiffer

personally liable managing partner of BPW

Medical assistance on the road

Many truck drivers postpone health problems when they are on the road because it is extremely difficult for them to find a doctor during opening hours and of course to park their 40-ton truck in front of a doctor’s office. BPW is a member of the DocStop initiative, which provides truck drivers with uncomplicated medical care “on tour”. The company doctor Dr. med. Dr. Gunnar Heymer has been treating drivers at the company headquarters in Wiehl since March 2020. Appointments with doctors like him are made via the Europe-wide hotline 00800 03627867. When a driver calls the nearest DocStop location is determined. They can also be called up by smartphone via numerous driver apps which also inform about possible parking facilities.

Television report by RTL West in German language

More appreciation for truck drivers

The importance of truck drivers is often still not seen and respected enough. The German association “Pro Fahrer-Image” (PROFI) wants to change this and works for more appreciation of the job by industry, trade, transport business and the population. The association is committed to fair working conditions and better training and qualification, as well as to a better image of road freight transport in general.

BPW is one of the founding members of the PROFI association, which was established in Frankfurt am Main in May 2019. The Federal Association of Road Haulage, Logistics and Disposal (BGL) is also involves as well as other companies and organisations. Patron of the association is the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

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The corona pandemic has once again clearly shown how important transport and logistics are for supplying both society and the economy. At the same time, it was a great challenge for all players to fulfil their tasks well, especially during this period. The industry initiative #LogistikHilft (LogisticsHelp) provided active support in this respect by setting up sanitary containers at central locations, distributing disinfectants at service stations and offering protective equipment.

BPW is one of the first supporters of #LogistikHilft. It is a joint initiative of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), the Federal Association of Road Haulage, Logistics and Disposal (BGL), the Logistics Alliance Germany, the Fraunhofer IML and the non-profit association DocStop / SaniStop. Patrons of the initiative are Federal Minister Andreas Scheuer and the Federal Government Coordinator for Freight Transport and Logistics, Parliamentary State Secretary Steffen Bilger.

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Trainees get involved

A day full of dedication to a good cause: The “Trainee Social Day” is intended to show the many ways in which industrial companies are committed to their regions. On 19 September 2019 BPW participated with more than 30 trainees for the second time. Among other things, they built an insect hotel at a local Hospice and organised a sports festival at an institution for disabled people. The charitable work assignment is part of an initiative by the Cologne Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) which call for more acceptance of the industry.

Always on the spot

In 2019, the 13 members of the BPW fire brigade unit spent a total of 2,090 hours on operations, exercises and further training. The members are always on duty when there is a fire, a storm has caused damage or people are in need. In addition, a fire safety officer from the BPW fire brigade advises the company on projects such as relocations, new buildings or changes in the use of buildings. In 2021, the unit belonging to the voluntary fire brigade of the town of Wiehl, will receive a new fire truck for its important and valuable work by BPW.
Associations, initiatives and cooperation
BPW is committed to the transport and logistics sector as well as to social and societal issues through its membership in clubs, associations and through cooperation:

BGL Bundesverband Güterkraftverkehr Logistik und Entsorgung

Bundesverband eMobilität e.V.

BVL Bundesvereinigung Logistik

BWVL Bundesverband Wirtschaft, Verkehr und Logistik e.V.

CLEPA European Association of Automotive Suppliers

DSLV Bundeverband Spedition und Logistik e.V.

DVF Deutsches Verkehrs Forum

FAT Forschungsvereinigung Automobiltechnik

Innovation Hub Bergisches RheinLand

IT-Forum Oberberg

PROFI Pro Fahrer-Image e.V.


VDA Verband der Automobilindustrie

Verband Spedition und Logistik Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V.


Local cooperations, e.g. with

DLRG Ortsgruppe Wiehl

Tagesmütternetz e.V.

TuS Wiehl Eissportclub e.V.